Welcome to “Artists of Todos Santos” – the website that aims to consolidate information about the Visual Arts in Todos Santos and, in particular, information on the annual Open Studios tour.

This is a once a year opportunity to visit the Todos Santos artists in their natural environment. The 7th annual Open Studios event takes place Saturday and Sunday, February 6th and 7th 2016.

The Open Studios Tour is now a two day event where visitors will be able to see more art, more studios and spend more time with the artist at each studio. With a map in hand, showing all of the studios, visitors will get a glimpse of what the life of the artist is like. Up the back streets of the town, they will be able to see what goes on inside these studios. There will be painters, sculptors, photographers, muralists, plein air painters, encaustic artists, jewelers, printmakers, collage artists, potters, and a wood turner. This tour will include the following artists: Anne Hebebrand, Arturo Mendoza Flores, Benito Ortega Vargas, Claude Vogel, Daniel Camargo Yhmoff, Diane Knight, Donna Billick, Carlos Castro Diaz, Emanuela Gardner, Erick Ochoa, Ezra Katz, Gina Cerda, Gloria Santoyo Ruenitz, Jason Durland, Jill Logan, Jill Mollenhauer, Karla Freeman, Karin Schubert, Marilyn Doran, Marsha Dalquist, Melissa Castaneda, Michael Cope, Nanette Hayles, Pilar Ollo, Peter Holden, Saskia Onvlee, Sofia Vega, Steve Thurston, Susan Doyle, Tori Sepulveda, Victor Vega, Wilson Flohr and Yandi Monardo.

Last year’s 2015 Open Studios Tour with 34 participating artists saw 400 visitors roaming throughout the town in one giant art fest that raised 54,613 pesos for the Children’s Art Programs of The Palapa Society of Todos Santos. This year, all proceeds will benefit this same program.

For further information, please contact:
Karin ts.studiotour@gmail.com 612-143-8491 (cellular)
Steve gallerysteve@gmail.com 612-145-0001 (land line) and 303-482-2287 (when calling from U.S.)




2016 Tour Poster

2016 Tour Poster